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Part of the legendary band The Beatles, this English singer-songwriter has created a very successful solo career for himself. Born as James Paul McCartney, he was born in Liverpool, England in 1942. Since he has been a musician for a very long time, he has a humongous music discography. He has released a diversity of genres that include rock music, classical music, and electronic music. While many people have fallen in love with his solo career, no one will ever forget his work with The Beatles as they are considered the most influential band of all time.Read More ...

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  1. When Wings broke up in 1982, McCartney continued his solo career and would also collaborate with many different musicians. He worked with Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson in the 80s. He started to play for orchestra music in the 90s. Over his whole career, he has written over 30 songs that have charted at the first spot on the Billboards. He also was knighted in 1997. Currently, he is one of the wealthiest musicians in the entire world.

    The Largest Concerts

    It is not surprising McCartney’s concerts are considered the best concerts to go to. He plays all around the world to sold-out shows constantly. He also gets to perform at some of the most ridiculous and largest stadiums. For example, McCartney performed at the Yankee Stadium to two sold-out shows in 2010. He is commonly found playing benefit concerts too. Most musicians want to tour with McCartney and being able to do that is a sign of success in the music industry.

    Finding Tickets

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    McCartney’s Songs

    There is no way anyone can refute McCartney is a tremendous songwriter. He has produced so many singles that people around the world love. Almost everyone will judge you for not knowing his songs. His legacy is hard to write about because it no longer can be contained in words. He is also a great musician and people believe he is one of the most talented guitarists of all time. McCartney is vocal about his political beliefs and includes a lot of his positions into this music into his songwriting.

    At his concerts, McCartney plays music from his whole discography. There is something for everyone to love and you will join millions of fans who know every single word to his songs. While McCartney has been alive for a long time, many of his songs still contain the same purity that his initial songs he wrote for The Beatles has.

    A Legacy Beyond Anything.

    Anyone who loves music has to buy tickets to see McCartney play. It does not seem like there could ever be a musician that is more influential than McCartney that is still alive and kicking. The world is blessed that seats to see him perform are still available.


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