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Peter John Joseph Murphy is an English singer, songwriter, and musician. The Northamptonshire native is of Irish heritage. The “Godfather of Goth” is best known for his time as the lead vocalist of Bauhaus, a glam rock group which helped pioneer the goth movement.  In 1978 Murphy was asked to join Bauhaus by his friend Daniel Ash. The opening sequence of the 1983 horror film The Hunger features Bauhaus performing “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”, one of their most popular tracks. The camera focuses mostly on Murphy during the scene, ignoring the film’s stars, David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve, along with the other band members. When the band broke up later in 1983, Murphy broke out on a solo career.Read More ...

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    Given that he is a product of glam rock and a known associate of David Bowie, it comes as no surprise that Murphy has experimented with his stage persona over the years. During the tour in support of Deep Murphy appeared with dyed highlighter blonde hair and in 1987 he is pictured with his face heavily made up. Fast forward to 2010, and Murphy can be seen performing in jeans and a partially torn plain white shirt, open at the chest. For someone with such a thin frame, Murphy’s baritone is shockingly deep. One was shot at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan. Murphy has also performed at the Convergence Festival

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    Many musicians have collaborated with Peter Murphy over the span of his solo career. During a 2000 tour, he performed with the Canadian electric violinist Hugh Marsh and the guitarist of Porno for Pyros, Peter DiStefano. Turk, Mercan Dede appears on the 2002 album Dust. Murphy has collaborated with members of The Mission, the Human Waste Project, Professional Murder Music, Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, and Dead Can Dance. Several live performances of Murphy have been recorded and released on film. A Bauhaus reunion show from the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan was shot and released in 1998. Murphy will also appear at festivals such as Convergence. If you are interested in seeing Murphy live in concert, then do not hesitate. Now is the time to visit SeatRetriever, where you will find spectacular deals on concert tickets.

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    On December 12, 2018, Peter Murphy was thrown out of a Bauhaus event. People talking loudly and other sound related issues caused Murphy to throw glass into the crowd, injuring at least one member. The next night Murphy is shown on video performing business as usual. Murphy has also been the inspiration of multiple comic book characters.

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