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Phish 2022

The band Phish was formed by Trey Anastasio, Jeff Holdsworth, bassist Mike Gordon, and drummer Jon Fishman. They were all students at the University of Vermont and formed the band in 1983. The band is known for the complicated songs and their large melting pot of different influences. You can hear rock, jazz, blues, reggae and bluegrass when you listen to one of their songs. Phish is also compared to the Grateful Dead a lot because of their famous live concerts and loyal fanbase.

Phish started off as a University band. Since Anastasio was suspended, the band had a few hiatuses in its beginnings.Read More ...

  1. Concerts for Everyone

    Phish is extremely famous for their concerts and many people like touring with them. One of the popular bands they tour with is the Grateful Dead. Since both bands are known for their unique tours, they have a lot of chemistry together. Phish is commonly seen playing at music festivals like the Bonnaroo Music Festival. The band played at famous venues such as Madison Square Garden and Boston Garden.

    Getting Tickets for Shows

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    Cult Status

    Phish is one of those bands that has a large cult status. The band’s music mixes a ton of different genres and people love the experimentation that Phish puts in their music. Their sound is groovy and many of their songs are long and extended. Phish is also known for their unique vocal harmonization. Everyone in the band sings and they perform similarly to a barbershop quartet.

    No one can be a true fan of Phish unless they get to see them play live. There is a reason why they are considered the modern day Grateful Dead. At their performances, they really improvise and change their music. This is where they are most creative. They also have many different unique ways of interacting with their fans. They share a lot of inside jokes with their fans and even have challenged their fans to chess games in the middle of their performances.

    Jam Band

    No band is more unique than Phish which is why you should find seats to see them. While they may never become the most popular band of all time, they may have a case for creating the most loyal fanbase. If you fall in love with Phish, you will not be able to find any of the reasons you fell in love with them for anywhere else. Get your tickets today so you can see this amazing band play.


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