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Pop Evil, an American rock band from North Muskegon, Michigan, was begun by lead singer Leigh Kakaty in 2001. The original line-up included Jamie Nummer (bass and back-up vocals), Dave Grahs (rhythm guitar and back-up vocals), and Dylan Allison (drums) alongside Kakaty. After six years together, the band caught a break in 2007 when they were discovered by Eric Quintero of ELC inc. The same year potential studio aid Tony Greves was added to the band’s lineup on lead guitar.

The following year the band released their debut studio album, Lipstick on the Mirror.Read More ...

  1. Pop Evil Live

    Over the years Pop Evil’s roster has evolved; Kakaty and Grahs are the only remaining original members. Nonetheless, Pop Evil has cultivated a loyal fan base with their live performances. Heavy drums and whaling guitar comprise the initial weight of their sound. Kakaty’s takes center stage with his bad boy persona and aggressive vocals. He often engages in call and response with the crowd. The aesthetic of Pop Evil on stage is a rather simple garage band look. The front line is typically dressed in dark clothing, and have long black hair. Pop Evil will also incorporate some smoke and other pyrotechnics into their show. The band is able to create a mosh pit environment in the crowd with their hard-charging, heavy Rock and Roll sound.

    Buying Tickets to See Pop Evil Live in Concert

    Pop Evil has toured extensively across North America and around the globe. They do tend to frequent cities in the American midwest, as this is where they are from. At an early concert in Michigan, the band gave out a free special edition of Lipstick on the Mirror to the entire crowd. The band is also known to tour with, and to support other major rock groups. Such acts have included Poison and the classic eighties band, Cheap Trick. If you would like to purchase Pop Evil tickets, then visit SeatRetriever. At SeatRetriever you will find great deals for all the live acts you wish to see most.

    More on Pop Evil

    Perhaps Pop Evil’s most notable avenue into mainstream American culture has been its relationship to athletics. As huge fans of University of Michigan’s football program, the band released a single called “In the Big House”. The title refers to the unofficial name of Michigan Stadium and a popular YouTube video of the song has been released which features highlights of the Michigan football team throughout the years. The band also recorded the single, “Last Man Standing” in honor of UFC fighter Frank Mir. The track was then syndicated by multiple networks to play during various sports broadcasts including the NHL Playoffs and the NFC championship on FOX.

    Witness Pop Evil Live

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