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Queensryche 2021

This legendary American metal band was formed in Bellevue, Washington in 1980. The band was formed by Michael Wilton, Chris DeGarmo, Scott Rockenfield, Eddie Jackson and Geoff Tate. The band plays a diverse sound of metal that includes heavy metal and progressive tunes. The band is loved for their concept albums that tackle issues in many American’s lives and their brooding sound that is darkening and beautiful.

Many of the members met each other after they played in each other’s cover bands. They liked playing covers of metal music but started writing their own music.Read More ...

  1. Touring Bands

    Queensryche still tours today and is always playing music live. They toured with many of the other favorite 80s heavy rock bands like Guns N’ Roses and Metallica. They are one of the most popular heavy metal acts to see. They are able to use their popularity for charity events and held a pledge drive in 2014. This band continues to rock hard and play metal music anyone can love.

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    Brooding Beauty

    The band wanted to be a glam metal band but did not really understand it fully. It leads to an interesting mix of music styles. Fans love them for their polished sound but also love their layered and complex musical structures. They have continued to experiment with their sound but always maintain their melodic soundscapes. The band’s topics touch many different types of political ideas and their releases sometimes feel epic.

    Sometimes people get lost in the great music Queensryche produces you forget how great they are as musicians. Seeing them is a great way to remedy that because they are more than impressive. They have great chemistry too and you can see how all the pieces come together. Their songs are complex and beautifully written, it can be cool to see how it is dissected on stage.

    They have a live video release of one of their performances. It is called Operation: LIVE crime. Released in 1991, it is an hour-long video of them performing their concept album from start to finish.

    The Defining Metal Band

    Queensryche’s name has rightfully drilled itself into music history. Their name will never be forgotten and some of their album releases will always carry a reputation. Luckily, the band manages to exceed their reputation whenever you listen to them.

    New metal fans will almost always be recommended to give Queensryche a listen. Since they have loyal fans their fan base only increases. You should definitely try and join this crowd to see a great performance.


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