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Shinedown 2021

Formed by Brent Smith in 2001, Shinedown is an American hard rock, alternative metal band created as a follow-up project to Smith’s previous band Dreve. Atlantic Records was unimpressed with Dreve, and they dropped the whole band except for Smith. They saw potential in the musician, and that potential came to fruition with Shinedown. The band was formed out of creative desperation which quickly resulted in four singles that topped Billboard’s Mainstream Rock charts. Read More ...

  1. Among the Best

    Shinedown is a band confident in its live performance capabilities. After each album release, they launch a massive tour, with other popular hard rock bands co-headlining. In 2006, they toured with Seether, Flyleaf, and Halestorm, and they later opened for Godsmack and Rob Zombie. In 2013, the band toured with Three Days Grace and then Papa Roach. Brent Smith and his band have continually found a way to surpass any hard rock subgenre while still associating themselves with the best hard rock performers. In the spring of 2013, Shinedown released two live studio EPs with ten acoustic cover songs. Songs included Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” and Adele’s “Someone Like You.”

    Buying Tickets to See Shinedown Live

    Shinedown is known for putting forth extensive efforts on new albums. They produce new music every few years, and you can be sure a world tour will follow. They regularly perform in large popular venues as well as major auditoriums and stadiums. With over thirteen number one singles, shows are full of hits and sellout crowds. Be sure to get your Shinedown tickets early before they’re gone. SeatRetriever helps you get last minute tickets to your favorite music events.

    To Be or Not to Be

    While columnists have classified Shinedown as post-grunge, arena rock, and pop-rock, the band has adamantly stated they don’t fall into any particular hard rock subgenre. “We’re just a rock ’n’ roll band.” Every album and tour carries unique subtleties and characteristics. Their first album, for example, stayed entirely away from guitar solos, while their fifth album, Threat to Survival, was heavily pop-sounding. They have cited Stone Temple Pilots, Otis Redding, Pink Floyd, and Iron Maiden as inspiration, which, perhaps, contributes to the band’s diverse discography. Shinedown’s method of evolving over the course of each and every album has helped them remain relevant year after year. Reality is, most decade-oriented rock bands seem to fade from popularity after an album or two. This is not the case for Shinedown.

    A Pure Rock Experience

    Shinedown represents what music fans consistently love about hard rock from generation to generation. Led by Brent Smith, Shinedown offers an epic presentation of simple, yet quality, rock music. Their new music and tours are highly anticipated: who will they tour alongside next? To stay up to date on Shinedown’s live performance, check SeatRetriever early and often. Visit SeatRetriever today.


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