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The Struts are a new and fastly growing rock band based out of Derby, England. Although they formed in 2012, they are quickly falling directly in-step to some of the biggest rock and roll icons in history. That’s right—The Rolling Stones, The Who, Guns N’ Roses, and the Motley Crue are a few bands to name that have been inspired and impressed by The Struts.

The Struts were chosen by the Motley Crue themselves to perform alongside of their final performances as a group, and before they even released a debut album, they opened for The Rolling Stones in Paris.Read More ...

  1. The Struts currently consist of band members Luke Spiller, Adam Slack, Jed Elliot, and Gethin Davies. The band has a current listening rate of 1,527,466 plays per month on Spotify®, and the numbers are on the rise. Some notable hit singles by The Struts include: “Body Talks”, from Young & Dangerous, “Could Have Been Me”, from Everybody Wants, “In Love With a Camera” from Young & Dangerous, and “Put Your Money on Me”, from Everybody Wants.

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    What is Special about The Struts?

    The Struts have made an incredible debut, and their fame is rapidly rising. Not only have they made a modern splash into the rock and roll scene, but they have done so using classic rock and roll methods to shape relevant lyricism for today’s world. Listen to quality rock and roll with The Struts. They are often compared to The Rolling Stones, but their songs contain lyrics that speak stories of the modern day.

    The Struts’ lead singer, Luke Spiller, has even inspired the costumer for Queen to direct their creative talents towards The Struts, and provide Spiller with the best front-man stage costuming offered today. Luke Spiller is a proper rock star, nearly Mick Jagger-like in his sparkling suits and vibrant hard-rock energy. The Struts are a must-see band for all rock and roll fans. Each sold-out concert they play is bringing them closer to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    Notable Performances by The Struts

    The Struts played at The Electric Ballroom in London in October of 2017, where the venue was nearly filled to capacity. According to National Rock Review, stunning showman Luke Spiller nearly puppeted the crowd from start to finish with his “gritty” rock vocals and Queen-inspired sound. Spiller is an interesting topic in the modern rock community because he is successfully embodying what it means to be a captivating rock and roll frontman. Mick Jagger and Freddie Mercury would agree, and so would Freddie Mercurie’s costumer. The struts are in the spotlight, and Spiller is helping gain them attraction through his amazing costumes and interaction with his fans. See The Struts live today to experience the rising arc of a band’s journey to fame.

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