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Todrick Hall 2022

One of the most multi-dimensional talents in the world, Hall is best known for his singing voice because of his appearance on American Idol. He was born in 1985 in the city of Plainview, Texas. While Hall became first known because of his appearance on national television, he created his loyal fanbase through viral videos that he posted on Youtube. His music is influenced by different genres such as R&B, pop, hip hop, and soul.Read More ...

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  1. Best Visual Concerts

    Going to see Hall is a lifetime experience. He tours frequently because many of his music projects have been designed with a visual experience to go with them. He went on tour in 2016 to promote his album Straight Outta Oz. It lasted until 2017 with a small hiatus in the middle. He traveled to Europe and Australia during that tour but mostly played in Canada and the USA.

    Your Tickets

    There are always tickets to buy whenever Hall releases one of his music projects. They are huge events and all his fans deserve to see their favorite Youtuber play on the stage. SeatRetriever is a great place for you to get these tickets.

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    Visual Experience

    Hall is a performer. As a musician, he has a beautiful falsetto voice and also raps in his songs. His music changes between hip hop, soul, funk and even theatre. It creates a very dynamic and unique listening experience. His lyrics can be reflective which makes his personality very present in his music. He also likes to talk about society and his music discusses themes about gun violence, race, and queer culture. However, his music is meant to be seen. He has many different music videos that are heavily produced and very artistic.

    Expect what you see in his music videos at his live performances but better. He is one of the best choreographers today. His shows can feel closer to a musical than a live concert. There are outrageous costumes, special effects and beautiful sets that are just as important as the music. Hall is extremely talented in dancing and singing. All his planning will not distract you from him and he is definitely still the star of his shows.

    New Performance

    Hall might be in the process of creating a new type of visual music tour. It is an experience anyone can enjoy even if they have never heard his music before. His seats welcome anyone to join and almost always make newcomers fans. This is why you should try and get his tickets today because he will only become more famous in the future.


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