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Fully known as Sir George Ivan Morrison, Morrison was born in 1945 in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is sometimes referred to as Van the Man by his fans. One of the greatest music legends of all time, Morrison has influenced tons of musicians and is one of the most celebrated humans in the entire world. While best known for his celtic folk albums, he has had a career that spanned over half a century. There is a song for anyone to fall in love with his huge discography.

Even though Morrison was born to a working-class family, both his parents knew a lot about music.Read More ...

  1. Career Tours

    Many fans have gone to more than a couple of Morrison concerts. He has been performing all his life and all over the world. Perhaps one of his most notable tour was his performance at The Band’s last concert in 1976. The concert was basically a farewell concert for The Band. Another famous show happened in 1990. He joined Roger Water’s performance of The Wall in Berlin. There was an estimated crowd of half a million and the concert was broadcasted live on television. Still, Morrison is known to prefer smaller crowds and loves his fans. You will feel a lot of connection with him at his shows.

    Getting a Seat

    Many fans find it a little difficult to see Morrison play due to how popular he is as an artist. His fanbase stretches generations so there are always crowds of people who want to see him. Make sure to stop by SeatRetriever so you can catch up with the latest tickets being released. Here, you can pick and choose which seats are the best for you.

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    The Legend

    There is so much writings and description about Morrison’s music available yet no one can describe his music with any justice. He is considered one of the most unique vocalists of all time. His songwriting ability is always praised and his lyrics are compared to poets. People compare him to William Blake and Seamus Heaney.

    If there is one thing everyone can agree on it is that Morrison makes beautiful and gorgeous music. This is undeniable when you see him play. His songs performed live have an ability to tap into a human soul that everyone shares.

    Universal Love

    Make sure you get your tickets today because Morrison is a musician no one can miss out on. He is a once in a lifetime gift so find a seat for yourself at his shows.


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