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Walk the Moon was formed in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2010. Many people love this American band for their indie pop sound and the band wears its influences on its sleeves. Walk the Moon was formed by Nicholas Petricca who is the lead singer of the band. Most of the other original members have already left the band. Walk the Moon draws creativity from 80s pop and you can hear keyboards and synthesizers in their songs a lot.Read More ...

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  1. The band was very successful within the indie scene early on. However, their rise to mainstream commercial success did not happen until 2014. They released a single called “Shut Up and Dance” and it became the band’s most famous single ever. It debuted at number four on the Billboards and became huge all over the world. The song did well in a number of countries like Poland, Sweden, New Zealand, and Israel.

    Touring with Other Stars

    Walk the Moon first toured with many different types of bands like Kaiser Chiefs and Weezer. These bands were already very famous. However, in the past couple years they have started to open for some of the most successful musical acts of all time. In 2015, they joined Taylor Swift on her 1989 tour and performed at the Gillette Stadium.

    Seeing Concerts

    Walk the Moon has been known to have a tireless touring schedule since their origins. They have continued that habit despite their fame. If you want to see Walk The Moon play, you should be able to find shows near you that will be convenient for you. You can use SeatRetriever to see any available tickets and pick the one that is best for you.

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    Walk the Moon’s indie pop music has shifted a lot in the past years. They have started to play a lot more dance pop music. Still, their roots are the same and all their music feels like a tribute to many of the 80s pop bands. They try their hardest to create fun songs that you will love to sing and move your body to.

    The band is quite funky and goofy on stage. They will always wear face paint at their live performances without fail. They understand their music can get people moving so they do their best to lead by example. Some of their dance moves could make you laugh but you will always still want to copy the band’s dances. At their concerts, it is impossible for you not to notice how everyone is having fun.

    Moving and Jamming

    This band has only seen an increase in success in the past few years. They reached indie fame and left it in the dust and are now one of the most commercially successful bands of all time. You will almost always hear their name being mentioned on the radio and they have fans all over the world.

    They tour extensively so there will always be a concert near you that you can buy tickets for. Try to act fast so you do not miss out on the great seats to this amazing band.


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