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Warren Haynes is an America guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist who has toured with various bands before going solo. He was born on April 6, 1960, in North Carolina, United States of America, and he got his first guitar at the age of 12 years.

Hendrix, Clayton, and Johnny Winter have influenced him, and they have shaped the way he plays. At 20 years old, his firsts gig was with the David Allen Coe tour and band, where he played Read More ...

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  1. He has been on tour with several of these bands and when he began his solo career in 1993. His first solo album was titled Tales of Ordinary Madness which launch a successful solo career.

    Notable Performances

    Warren Haynes as been on the guitar on tour since 1982, performing for several groups till he went solo. Over the years he has been a familiar face as one of the top bass guitarists for rock, blues, soul, and jam. His popularity spread with a wide range of performances and playing for different groups both on the bass guitar and as a good vocalist.

    He co-wrote a song “two of a kind, working on a full house” for Garth Brooks, which spend twenty weeks on the hot country single and track chart. He also made 28 concert appearances after 45 songs with Dave Matthews bands in 2013.

    Haynes was the pioneer founder of the Christmas Jam which made up of several artists performing together annual during the Christmas period. The show was performed during that period as all of them may be paying a visit for the Christmas break. The proceeds for these annual shows are donated to charity organizations.

    What is Special about Warren Haynes?

    He has mastered the art of playing guitar, and this can be noticed from the numerous band he has successfully played with on tour. He is also an excellent songwriter who has written songs for other artists and himself during his solo career.

    One of the best bass guitar players, he gives wonderful performance when on stage. Also a good vocalist, he can perform live on stage with some of his bands and in his solo career. Before going solo, he has formed a group of his own after many years of touring with other bands, which is one of his notable achievements in his career.

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