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World Music Events 2021

World music refers to an encompassing category of music styles found all over… the world! No surprise there. Much of the world’s best cultural music doesn’t quite fall into the categories offered by the mainstream music industry. World music ensures that listeners have a way of exploring the different rhythms and sounds every culture has to offer.

The terminology was coined by Robert E. Brown in 1960. He sought to educate musicians on global music traditions, but he needed some way to define the process. He ended up inviting several performers from Africa and Asia for a world music concert series. In essence, the genre is a classification of music that combines Western styles with non-western folk or ethnic music. Yet, that definition is held loosely. There are also many pop artists considered to be of the world music variety.

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  1. Many Places, Many Sounds

    While much of world music has a folk-like consistency about it, there are a variety of popular forms. Examples include non-European classical music like Japanese koto and Tibetan chants, Eastern European folk music such as the Mystery of the Bulgarian Voice, and Nordic folk music. Nearly all forms of tribal music from the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania, Central/South America are also considered to be world music. Even though world music seems to retain a major historical element, there is a range of recent artists who seek to bring attention to the eclectic genre. Super Furry Animals are one such band. Released in 2000, their album Mwng was entirely in Welsh with the goal of defending world music. They’ve described the genre as “trying to hang on to something that’s under serious threat from advanced capitalism.”

    International Festivals and Events

    World music events are generally promoted by public services and community organizers. It’s often an under-appreciated and under-promoted art realm. Nonetheless, there are artists and groups who champion the genre, putting on annual events and festivals. World music festivals are held all over the globe, cross-continentally. Some of the most popular festivals include WOMADelaide in Australia, Celtic Colours International Festival in Canada, Africolor in France, Ulsan World Music Festival in South Korea, and globalFEST in the United States. By attending any of these world music festivals you are sure to experience a wide range of food and drink, a diverse community of people groups, and an enthusiastic blend of musical sub-genres.

    How to Attend a World Music Event

    World music events not only attract attendees from all over the globe, but they also gather the most globally diverse band lineups of any event. They have a duration similar to those of classical music events. They might be held over a weekend, a beautiful evening, or even an entire week. There is no better way to be immersed in cultures you might otherwise never encounter. A world music festival is your portal to global connectivity. We at SeatRetriever make sure to offer the best deals on tickets to all varieties of events, not just the mainstream ones. Make sure to check often to find tickets to a world music event near you!

    Diversity, Heritage, and Community

    Some people travel. Some people watch documentaries. Some people indulge themselves in the cultural experience of world music. Encountering the cultures of faraway places is a goal for many, and attending a world music event is a great way to do just that. People from all over the globe gather to express and protect their heritage through rich instrumental and vocal sound. Experience a genre with great breadth and diversity, and get tickets to a festival at SeatRetriever today. SeatRetriever is the best way to get the best deals on your favorite events, no matter where they are in the world.


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