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Kodo Drummers 2022

When it comes to taiko drumming, the Kodo group success worldwide has no real competition. The group is based in Sado Island, Japan and was formed in 1981. Taiko drumming is a traditional drumming style with a lot of history and the Kodo group is credited for making it popular to see in an international setting. They are one of the most respected taiko drumming troupe in the world. The name kodo has two meanings in Japan which fits perfectly with their group. It can be read as a heartbeat or it can be read as children of the drum.Read More ...

  1. Drumming Shows

    Kodo travels all around the world to perform. They spend half of their tour schedule in Japan and spend the rest of it internationally. They have visited countries in Europe, North America and South America and the Far East. Their most notable live concerts happened during the 1984 Olympic Arts Festival in Los Angeles. This art festival happens just before the Olympics. They played three shows during this time and they all sold out.

    Searching for Tickets

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    Taiko Specialists

    The Kodo group write their own music with many different songwriters. That include traditional rhythms and contemporary influences. Taiko drumming has a rich history in Japan. It has been used for warfare, festivals, performance and theatre. Each setting requires a different sound so there is a lot of diversity in the history of taiko drumming. The Kodo group draws from all types. The group also uses other traditional Japanese instruments and may perform traditional dances to collaborate with the music.

    At their performances, the Kodo group puts on massive shows that aim to be more than just spectacular. You will feel embraced by Japanese culture and their drumming will tell you stories of the Japan the drummers are proud of. Most of the performers will be wearing a. loincloth called a fundoshi.

    Taiko Drumming Pride

    The Kodo drummers are extremely professional and know exactly what makes their drumming special. They have a vigorous and strict application process that takes years. You know that the members are serious and some of the best.

    Seats do not last! Make sure you buy your tickets here as soon as possible. The members have dedicated their entire lives to learning this craft. No matter who you are, the experience will be almost like a fantasy.


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