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Every year, millions and millions of people attend sporting events. It doesn’t matter what your favorite sport is, there’s an event for you, and SeatRetriever helps you find those at the right price and the right time. From the Super Bowl to the World Series and the Masters to the NBA Finals, sporting events make history year after year, and fans rise and fall with each game.

Sports in the US are overwhelmingly dominated by “the big five” sports, which are Baseball, Football, Soccer, Hockey, and Basketball but for a good reason. These sports are immensely popular all over the country (and the world) and provide regularly scheduled seasons with home fields and championship trophies. Fans have “their team” that they always cheer for. Perhaps it was a tradition in your family dating back generations. Maybe you’ve never cared about a sport until you saw it in person and fell in love, and now you cheer for your team as hard as anyone else.Read More ...



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