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Boxing, in its simplest form, has been around since men first threw a punch in anger. It was an Olympic sport as early as 688 BC. Over time, boxing became more and more regulated. Boxers in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries began developing rules. Fighters were confined roped-off rings. They now fight in rounds as opposed to until one man won. Still, the sport of bare-knuckle boxing was so brutal that it was outlawed by the mid 19th century in most of the US. Even after the adoption of boxing gloves in 1867 was acceptable, the sport was still against the law in many cities.

By 1892, boxers were classed by different weight groups, and the first ever heavyweight championship was in New Orleans. Now the sport had official rules, and through the efforts of boxing promoters, it exploded onto the world stage. It was again included in the new generation of Olympic Games, and the sport gave rise to one of the most politically charged sporting events of all time. American fighter Joe Louis fought German fighter Max Schmeling in 1938. It was a fight between the American melting pot and the German Aryan Race. Millions listened in on the fight as Joe Louis knocked out Schmeling in the first round, cementing his name in history.

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  1. Boxing never looked back. Generation after generation saw legend after legend. Rocky Marciano retired as one of the only undefeated heavyweight champions at 49-0. The personalities of Muhammad Ali and George Foreman engaged an audience all over the world. Memorable bouts like Tyson vs. Holyfield pulled audiences unlike any other events, and today, boxers try to make a name for themselves fight after fight.

    There’s just something about two men going toe to toe for 12 rounds that will never cease to be entertaining.

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    Before you Buy

    Buying boxing tickets is similar to golf or tennis in that the professional boxing tours each year. Tour stops feature a tournament with an eventual champ, and then it moves on. When looking to buy boxing tickets, browse the schedule to find a tour stop near you and set a budget. You’ll be able to enjoy the sport, on a budget, and close by.

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    Join the Fans

    Most boxing fans go for one reason: to see a knockout. Matches can go blow for blow and round after round while fans cheer on each landed punch. Join with that electric atmosphere, and be a part of the action!

    Enjoy the Experience

    Boxing matches have an experience unlike any other. The walkout music to pump up the crowd is the first step toward the fight, and you can count to ten with the referee to signal the end of a brutal bout. There’s no question that boxing has seen some of sports’ most iconic stars and moments. From Ali standing over Sonny Liston to Mike Tyson biting off Evander Holyfield’s ear, the experience is unbeatable.

    Cheer on your Favorites

    Those same heavyweight championships are held each year like a second Super Bowl. More than cheering on fan favorites like Floyd Mayweather, going to these events is just as much about the grandiose experience.

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