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The Miami Heat joined the NBA as an expansion team in 1988, when the city quickly embraced the fledgling team despite a rocky start. After blockbuster acquisitions of Tim Hardaway and Alonzo Mourning, the Heat rewarded their loyal fans with years of playoff contention, followed by the building of one of the most infamous teams in professional sports history—the “Big Three” of Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, and Chris Bosh.

The Heat was the team to beat in the Eastern Conference for a decade, developing notoriety and a nationwide fanbase thanks to dramatic Finals matchups against teams like the Spurs and Mavericks. Read More ...

  1. Make it Memorable

    Despite being relatively new, the American Airlines Arena has played host to a remarkable amount of memorable playoffs and Finals series. With several modern superstars’ Heat jerseys still hanging in the rafters, there is a unique air of history in the making in one of the most party-like arenas in all of the sports.

    Best Seats at American Airlines Arena

    American Airlines Arena was designed to celebrate premium seating and the city’s VIP-weekend reputation. The arena has a highly-unique scoreboard and luxury skyboxes called “Flagship Lounges” after American Airlines’ heyday VIP clubs at major airports across the country. SeatRetriever is the best place to score a hot ticket to a Miami Heat game, whether you want to live like a star in a Flagship Lounge or just want to get in the doors of a culturally unique arena with a lot of recent sports history.

    Cheap Miami Heat Tickets

    Cheap Miami Heat Tickets are in high demand thanks to the city’s love of the team and the arena’s highly entertaining nightlife atmosphere. Still, SeatRetriever is the best place to find Miami Heat tickets for a great price.

    Miami Heat Away Games

    The Miami Heat have made fans and haters across the country in recent years thanks to their Big Three-era dynasty and Lebron James’ infamous “Decision” special on ESPN. SeatRetriever is the best to score Miami Heat tickets to cheer (or jeer) the Eastern Conference’s newest juggernaut.

    Welcome to Miami

    Miami is well known as a tropical destination for beach weekends, bumping nightclubs, and a uniquely Caribbean flair in a major American city. From old town history to Cuban food to the glitz and glamor of South Beach, there really is nowhere like Miami.

    Party in the City Where the Heat is On

    SeatRetriever is the best place to buy Miami Heat tickets, where you can get in the doors of an arena that fits right in with the unique flavor of a major American city that also offers up relaxing beach vacations, art deco aesthetics, and tropical nightclub atmospheres. It’s no wonder Will Smith had a number one hit singing about the charms of Florida’s southernmost major city.


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