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Toronto Raptors 2021

The Toronto Raptors are one of the league’s newest teams. Founded in 1995 as part of the NBA’s expansion into Canada, the Raptors are the only remaining Canadian basketball franchise after the Vancouver Grizzlies made their move to Memphis. And the Raptors are one of professional sports’ great expansion success stories—in their two decades they have already made their mark on basketball with greats like Vince Carter and DeMar DeRozan while earning ardent fans including the Canadian rapper, Drake.Read More ...

  1. Make it Memorable

    Scotiabank Arena was responsible for a major renaissance and redevelopment in the surrounding area of downtown Toronto. In 2005, a development known as Maple Leaf Square was completed adjacent to the arena. During major home games and playoff series, the Square becomes known as “Jurassic Park” and takes on a raucous, dinosaur-themed attitude among outdoor revelers and Raptors fans. Taking in a game or postgame celebration here is an iconic and quintessentially Canadian experience.

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    Best Seats at Scotiabank Arena

    Scotiabank Arena is a traditional basketball and hockey arena—and it is also the most photographed location in all of Canada. From the Mastercard World Elite seating to the multiple levels of suites, there are plenty of options for high-end seating. SeatRetriever can also help you find a seat with a great view at any price point.

    Toronto Raptors Away Games

    The Raptors put on a wild show in downtown Toronto, but they also bring their Jurassic Park-inspired intensity and uniforms to every city they visit. SeatRetriever is your source for Toronto Raptors tickets at home or away. Whether you don’t have your passport to see the Raptors play in Canada or you’re looking to see a formidable Eastern Conference opponent in your town, SeatRetriever is the best way to find Raptors tickets in any city.

    Make the Most of Toronto

    The Scotiabank Arena breathed new life into downtown Toronto, which means surrounding developments feature multiple options for hotels, food, and beverages. Whether you want to experience “Jurassic Park” at Maple Leaf Square or venture into other parts of Toronto to see the Scarborough Bluffs or Toronto’s sweeping array of historical architecture and modern marvels, it’s easy to fill your day in one of Canada’s largest and most diverse cities.

    Dinosaurs in Toronto

    SeatRetriever is the place to find tickets for a wild NBA experience in Canada. Whether you’re looking for a spontaneous trip to Scotiabank Arena with last minute Raptors tickets or planning to check out a major Eastern Conference matchup weeks in advance, SeatRetriever always features cheap tickets and luxury Mastercard Elite seats to provide you with every option you need at Scotiabank Arena. The Raptors are Drake’s favorite team and the only NBA team north of the border—be sure to secure your tickets today.


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