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NFL Events 2022

Professional football has been around since the early 1900s and has gone through some of the largest changes over the years. From the forward pass to the helmet to the helmet that actually works to the professional sports king, it is today. For almost half a year, the NFL owns our Sundays whether you’re stuck on the couch at home or you get to spend the day at the gridiron watching the modern-day gladiators do battle as up close and personal as it gets. Compared to the “old days,” athletes are bigger, stronger, and faster now, and players and fans alike love every second.Read More ...

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  1. Using Seat Retriever for your ticket needs

    Seat Retriever makes buying NFL tickets easy and convenient. Browse your team’s schedule and pick the games and the seats that are right for you. Finding your perfect seats are only a few clicks away.

    Before you Buy

    Keep in mind there are several factors to consider when finding the right ticket for you. Buying your ticket is one of the most exciting parts of the experience, here are some are some keys to help. Create a budget for yourself. If the seats you want are over your budget, you can always check a different game for the same spots! Day games tend to be cheaper than night games, so if you can make it to a day game, you’ll find the best value seats.

    Of course, you need to get to the park. Public transportation can help wherever available, but it’s not always an option. Check Seat Retriever for deals on parking passes that will get you in close without paying too much.

    Right Time to Buy

    Finding the best time to buy tickets on Seat Retriever is a game of checking in and often. Before the season starts, you may be able to find the best value for a particular game, but as the season continues, the ticket prices could drop due to team performances. Sometimes, the best deals are the last minute tickets on Seat Retriever. Ticket holders know their tickets will be worthless and more ready to sell them at a cheaper price because let’s face it; some money is better than no money!

    The last bit of advice before you buy is to decide whether you are looking for a particular matchup or if you just want to see your team play. If you don’t care who your team is playing against, try to avoid the games where the Cowboys come to town since the prices will likely go up.

    Join the Fan Base

    The almost cult-like following the NFL provides us with some of the deepest sports traditions. From the gladiator garb of the Oakland Raiders to the Dog Pound in Cleveland, fans are devoted to their teams. Have fun participating in the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS cheer or sit in the end zone at Lambeau Field for a chance to see the Lambeau leap in action. Every fan base loves their team. It’s your turn to join the fun.

    Enjoy the Experience

    Trips to the games are an experience all their own. For years, families have spent afternoons watching games, sharing experiences, and starting traditions. Each stadium has a history and culture to share with its fans, so here’s your chance to take the family for a great time.

    Cheer on your Favorites

    From Namath to Sanders to Rice to Manning and thousands of others, fans have always found a favorite player to cheer for. We wear their jerseys. We scream their names. And nothing beats the thrill of seeing your player in person. Seat Retriever makes it easy to browse seats and find the closest places to your favorite players.

    History is made every season, and new teams start the quest for the next Super Bowl title. Don’t miss your chance to see the next Hail Mary or record-setting performance. Retriever is your source for great ticket options, so check early and often for the best tickets for you!


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