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Super Bowl 2022

The Super Bowl is the biggest event of the year for football fans. But as popular as it is, only a small percentage of fans will ever go to the big game. We can’t promise you a spot, but we certainly can help boost your odds of getting there!

The Super Bowl Experience is like none other. It’s where the best of the best come together. It’s a high energy game with an even higher energy crowd. It’s truly the best game you will ever go to, regardless of who’s playing and regardless of the outcome.Read More ...

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  1. Getting Tickets

    But the cost of tickets can be problematic for even the biggest of fans if they aren’t able to shell out a few thousand dollars for tickets. While we can’t guarantee you a shot to get into the Super Bowl, we have put together a few ideas to help make the purchase of tickets a little bit easier. Here are our top three ways to get Super Bowl tickets at a decent price.

    Buy Before You Know the Teams. Super Bowl tickets go on sale before the teams are known. The NFL has a lottery system for a limited number of tickets each year, sometimes starting before the most recent Super Bowl is even played. This is almost impossible to win, but someone has to. If you’re thinking of going to a game, this is where you should start. Sure, you’ll probably be rejected, but you never know. And at least you started in the right place!

    Buy Right Before the Pro Bowl. Traditionally, the Pro Bowl is the week before the Super Bowl. This is the downtime between the AFC and NFC Champions being named and the Super Bowl itself. The Pro Bowl is the All-Star game of sorts for the NFL, but because of where it takes place in the season, you don’t always see the biggest stars playing here. There are injuries at this time of year, and a lot of players who should be included don’t play because they’re getting ready for the main event.

    The truth is, there’s no time where Super Bowl tickets are cheap. But, if you look at statistics of historical Super Bowl ticket sales on the ticket market, you will see that there can be a dip in prices about a week and a half before the game begins.

    There are a lot of factors that influence the price here. Those include location, the teams, and general fan expectations. Still, if there is a time where prices are at their lowest on the market, a week and a half to seven days before kickoff is the best time to buy.

    Not all sites are alike. If you use this method, be sure that you’re using a trusted site, like ours. You want someone that has high standards of security and will guarantee tickets for their customers. You want someone with a strong customer service team and a stellar reputation. Anything less than this and you are putting yourself in a position of needless risk.

    Be a Season Ticket Holder. This is a long game approach, and it can take years for it to pay off. Let’s just be honest for a moment here. It’s really tough to get Super Bowl tickets. There is a pecking order in how they are sold, and the everyday fan is pretty low in that order. The number one thing that you can do to push yourself up in the order of importance for buying tickets is to be a season ticket holder.

    Here’s how it works. Tickets are distributed amongst NFL teams. The two teams in the big game each get about 17.5 percent of the total available tickets. The host team gets just over 6 percent of the tickets, with every other team receiving a little bit more than 1 percent of the total ticket pool. Amongst these numbers, season ticket holders get the first choice of tickets over the casual fan. It doesn’t guarantee you a ticket by any means, but it pushes you up to the front of the line.

    The Super Bowl is an amazing event, one that every football fan dreams of going to someday. This might seem like a long off dream, but it is attainable. Hopefully, these tips can help you to gain some traction and get to the big game. It will be an experience you’ll never forget.


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