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Tennis Events 2022

Born in France in the 12th century, Tennis has remained remarkably similar throughout the centuries. The basic premise of hitting a ball back and forth over a net (or whatever is available) is simple to replicate. All anyone needs is a flat surface, a ball, and some kind of obstacle, but competitive tennis exploded in the 18th and 19th centuries. The game spread from France to England to the U.S. and spawned some of the oldest tournaments in sports.

The US Open was first held in 1881 first played on a grass surface. In 1975, the surface changed to clay, and finally, in 1978, the US Open settled on a hard surface. During this stretch, the Association of Tennis Professionals was founded in 1972, and the Women’s Tennis Association followed shortly after in 1973.

Today’s game features a year-round tournament schedule for the men’s and women’s circuits including four major tournaments known as the Grand Slam. Players from all over the world come to the U.S. to compete in tournaments and try to make a name for themselves.

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  1. The game features three to five sets of intense back and forth gameplay. Players need agility, speed, and precision to be competitive, but the legends set themselves apart year after year.

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    Before you Buy

    Buying Tennis tickets is different from other sports. Each tournament lasts for days and features different stages and matchups. Usually, the final day pits two of the top-seeds against each other for the championship, so keep that in mind when buying. Your best option is set to a budget and find tickets for the days and matchups that you want to see.

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    Join the Fans

    Tennis is one of the oldest professional sports in the world. Venues, equipment, and players evolved over the centuries, and the fan base developed with it. Whether it’s dressing in your Sunday best or simply enjoying the long rallies and incredible shots, you can join the fans in cheering and jeering each match.

    Enjoy the Experience

    Grand Slam events like the US Open provide some of Tennis’ most iconic moments. Rallies can last forever, and aces can change the match with a single shot. Dig into the experience and enjoy each hit.

    Cheer on your Favorites

    Tennis features one of the largest ranking systems in sports. Year after year, players fight tooth and nail to climb up in the rankings, but superstars emerged. Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi brought notoriety to the sport, and the unique combination of talent and personality of the Williams sisters helped the popularity of the game spread to new fans. With the number of tournaments attracting today’s stars and tomorrow’s superstars, it’s easy to see your favorite players in action.

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