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Similar to traditional boxing, mixed martial arts can trace its origins back to ancient Greece. The sport of “Pankration” was featured in the Olympics as a mix of grappling and striking. This no-holds-barred blend of wrestling and boxing popped up in Ancient China, India, and Egypt as well. By the late 19th century fights between heavyweight boxers and martial arts counterparts came into the spotlight.

As the name indicates, the modern sport of mixed martial arts goes back to a substantial number of martial arts styles converging into single combat matches. In these early days, rules were different from country to country, but the premise is consistent. Use whatever form of combat you know to defeat your foe. The evolution from exhibitions and “shows” into the professional powerhouse it is today traveled through Southeast Asia. Martial Arts experts perfected the ability to adapt to any fighting style. In 1993, MMA became organized into the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

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  1. Since the foundation of UFC, the sport spread like wildfire. With a home in Las Vegas, it has an enormous stage for promotion. Legends like Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture helped bring notoriety with fights on Pay-per-view before the sport moved to cable TV with the invention of “The Ultimate Fighter,” a reality show giving fighters the chance to become the next MMA superstar.

    Today, MMA is one of the hottest and fastest growing sports in the world. Heavyweight bouts pull massive crowds and tournaments are pure chaos paying homage to the no-holds-barred history of the sport.

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    Buying MMA tickets is similar to golf or tennis in that the matches take place at different venues across the country. Typically, you’ll find tickets to “UFC Fight Night,” so be sure to see who’s on the card. When looking to buy MMA tickets, browse the schedule to find a fight night near you and set a budget. You’ll be able to enjoy the sport, on a budget, and close by.

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    Join the Fans

    Most MMA fans go for one reason: to see a knockout. Matches can go blow for blow and round after round while fans cheer on each landed punch. Join with that electric atmosphere, and be a part of the action!

    Enjoy the Experience

    MMA has a unique experience. Fighters enter “The Octagon,” and pure chaos ensues. Opponents turn into berserkers, and round after round, punch, kick, grapple, body slam, and pin each other until the match ends in a knockout or a tap-out. The crowd erupts with each slam, and the intensity of each match is unrivaled in all of sports. From the highest profile matches to the lightweight beginners, an MMA match is an unbelievable experience.

    Cheer on your Favorites

    The original superstars like Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture set the tone for what an MMA fighter should be. Their toughness and ruthless fighting styles inspired thousands to take their chances in The Octagon. Today’s rookies are tomorrow’s superstars, so here’s your opportunity to see the best of the best line up against the up and comers.

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