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Whether you’ve only just become aware of the Broadway phenomenon known as “Hamilton: An American Musical,” or you already know the soundtrack by heart, nothing beats seeing it live on stage. If you’re ready to be in the Room Where It Happens but you need to score some tickets, keep reading.

What’s “Hamilton” Broadway About?

The show opens without an overture, with the actors facing the audience and rapping a quick recapRead More ...

  1. The second act opens with our narrator, Aaron Burr, introducing Thomas Jefferson, freshly returned from France. We watch the Founding Fathers go toe-to-toe where rap battles take the place of cabinet meetings. As America takes its first wobbly steps, Hamilton’s personal tragedies become the focus of several numbers ranging from the hilarious and chaotic to the quiet and emotionally-driven. Finally, after Aaron Burr has narrated his own villainy in a breathless and magnetic staging of the most famous duel in American history, the characters all take the stage to once again face the audience in a powerful epilogue.

    Are “Hamilton” Tickets Worth It?

    Tickets to “Hamilton” are notoriously expensive. There are just no two ways about it. Unless you are willing to put up with limited views of the stage for cheaper seats, you can expect to part with an amount of money in the three-digit range for “Hamilton” tickets. Some tickets in New York sell for as high as the four-digit range.

    For the four major cities where “Hamilton” is currently playing long runs and for touring cities, there is a Hamilton ticket lottery. Winning the lottery means access to $10 tickets, but that’s far from a sure thing for most would-be theatergoers.

    So again: is “Hamilton” worth the price of a ticket?

    For many, the answer is an unconditional yes1. As a musical, “Hamilton” appeals to those generations who grew up singing the soundtracks to shows like “South Pacific,” “The King and I,” “Hair,” “A Chorus Line,” “Phantom of the Opera,” and “Les Miserables.” In that sense, “Hamilton” has already staked its claim among the best of the Broadway classics, and true fans of musical theater see the ticket price as an investment in music theater history.

    Then, too, “Hamilton” provides a great history lesson about one of the lesser-known Founding Fathers. Until Lin-Manuel Miranda created his opus, it would be difficult for most non-history majors or Revolution buffs to offer any facts about Alexander Hamilton besides his being on the ten-dollar bill and dying in a duel with Aaron Burr.

    Even younger generations, who might not care about the history of “Hamilton” – as a man or as a groundbreaking Broadway musical – there are the music and the cast. From the lightning-speed raps to the power ballads to King George’s Brit Pop standards, there is something for fans of nearly all musical genres.

    Finally, “Hamilton” has become part of American pop culture. Lin-Manuel Miranda has hosted “Saturday Night Live.” Daveed Diggs has guest starred on the hit comedy “Black-ish,” and both he and his “Hamilton” co-star Jasmine Cephas-Jones starred in the 2018 movie “Blindspotting.” Phrases like, “The room where it happens,” and “I’m not throwing away my shot,” have slipped their way into the American lexicon. “Hamilton” is now a cultural touchstone shared between generations.

    With all that said, why not just buy the original cast recording and call it a day?

    Because nothing beats seeing the show live, in person. It’s the difference between listening to your favorite album versus seeing your favorite group perform in concert. You can watch your favorite movie at home, but even the best home entertainment systems are no rival for those big, digital, mind-blowing screens with state-of-the-art sound systems in movie theaters. You can enjoy the “Hamilton” cast recording…but you can be absolutely blown away by the live show.

    Where is “Hamilton” Playing?

    There are theaters in four major cities showing “Hamilton” in long runs (meaning there are no closing dates as of yet): The Richard Rogers Theater in New York, The CIBC in Chicago, The Orpheum Theater in San Francisco, and The Victoria Palace Theatre in London, England. To find the best seats in each theater, click here2.

    There is also a “Hamilton” touring company, which will be coming soon to a theater near you”.

    Before You Go

    Ready to experience “Hamilton” live? Make sure you are fully prepared or risk losing yourself in the fast-paced lyrics!


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