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Kiss Me, Kate 2022

Kiss Me, Kate is one of Broadway’s oldest and most beloved musicals. Since its debut in 1948, audiences have delighted in the cheeky dialog, the hilarious foibles of the characters, and the overall adorable romances developing in the story within a story.

Kiss Me, Kate is the story of a theater group working on the production of a Shakespeare play. In it, the cast and crew are comprised of former and hopeful lovers whose miscommunication threatens to ruin the show. The leading man’s gambling habit leads to some gangsters showing up to collect mid-rehearsal, and, in a hilarious turn of events, paying off debt gets everyone involved in the performance, whether they like it or not. The leading lady can’t leave despite a broken heart,Read More ...

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    History of the Show

    When Kiss Me, Kate was first debuted in 1948, Hollywood and Broadway music legend Cole Porter’s music and lyrics wove themselves into the story – a concept that was fairly novel at the time. Most performances with musical numbers interspersed throughout used them merely for entertainment, not to move the story along. Only the musical, Oklahoma, had done something similar at that point.

    The show was an immediate huge success, running over 1,000 shows. Since then, there has been one film production of the story as well as four television versions – one starring Alfred Drake and Patricia Morrison from the Broadway performance. The current production in New York will be the fourth Broadway revival in the past 70 years, and there have been numerous revivals in multiple British venues as well.

    Critical Acclaim

    When it debuted in 1948, the show was nominated for and received five Tony Awards. All of its runs and revivals across the world have garnered awards and critical praise in proceeding years as well.

    Critics and audiences love the story of Kiss Me, Kate as well as this modern rendition of it. Equality 365 cheered that it’s “ full of sumptuous songs, clever lyrics, great dancing and a storyline that exemplifies the battle of the sexes.” TheaterMania echoed that it “is musical comedy heaven, delivering exuberant showstopper after exuberant showstopper!”

    Seating Recommendations

    Kiss Me, Kate performances take place in the historic Studio 54 which was once the hottest disco nightclubs of the ’70s and ’80s.

    Referring to the views, there aren’t many bad spots in the house. However, seats are rather cramped, so if you value legroom, try to reserve Row A of the Orchestra, Mezzanine or Balcony or an aisle seat.

    The Kiss Me, Kate Experience

    Join this star-crossed lover who sings and dance their way through a harrowing and hilarious encounter in Kiss Me, Kate on Broadway. You know when something has remained a household name for seventy years, it’s got to be good. Find out for yourself!


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