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Mean Girls 2020

Mean Girls is a hilarious, edge-of-your-seat journey to the savage hallways of an average American high school where popularity comes through a complicated network of protocols. Based on the 2004 film of the same name which was in turn based on the novel by Rosalind Wiseman, Queen Bees and Wannabes, this satirical look at the meaning of social success and compromise will have you doubled-over in laughter while also coming away with a renewed commitment to practicing kindness.Read More ...

  1. What’s It About?

    This is the story of Cady Heron, a sheltered girl raised in Africa who moves to a new high school in suburban Illinois and is quickly introduced (via lots of fun musical numbers) to the cutthroat world of her new school where each person belongs in a specific clique, the highest ranked among them being “the Plastics”. These popular girls, led by ruthless Regina George, invite Cady into their tightly regulated group which both intrigues and repulses Cady who decides to hang out with them supposedly as an experiment in conjunction with her secret, unpopular friends.

    However, when the admiration and power she receives from classmates due to her connection to the Plastics starts to go to her head, Cady must decide if she really is “plastic”, and if not, then how to fix the mess she’s ended up in.

    Along with lots of laughs, this show also brings up poignant questions about habituated teenage interactions. For example. whether the competitive and belittling way girls are accustomed to treating each other needs to be reexamined, or if it’s safe to “be yourself” after being targeted for being different.

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    Critical Acclaim

    New York Magazine cheered the show, saying, “Hilarious! A smart, splashy new musical with immense energy and a wicked sense of humor. It’s witty, worldly and wise!” In 2018, it was nominated for dozens of theater awards and won Outstanding Book of a Musical (Tina Fey) in the Outer Critic Circle Awards and Drama Desk Awards. Some critics lamented that the lyrics to the songs aren’t as clever as the dialogue, however, everyone agrees that it is overall full of “great gags” (Variety) and is highly entertaining.

    Where to Sit

    Mean Girls is performed at the intimate August Wilson Theatre, built in 1925. The small theater means that you will have a good view no matter where you sit, however, the seats are famously close together. Tall guests might want to reserve Rows A in the orchestra or in the mezzanine for the most leg room. For the absolutely best views, shoot for the middle rows (E-Q) of the center orchestra.

    The Mean Girls Experience

    Come see if you have what it takes to survive high school and the Plastics with Cady and her ensemble of friends and rivals in Tina Fey’s Mean Girls.


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