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Jeff Dunham 2022

Jeff Dunham was born in 1962 and is one of the best-known comedians in America. He was born in Dallas, Texas. He has worked for many different Late Night shows but has also built a very successful solo career for himself. His comedy is dark and inappropriate at times but is also observational. He has a unique perspective on the world and people feel like his views speak the truth. He is also well known for his ventriloquism act and many people think he revived it within the comedy world.

Dunham got into ventriloquism at the early age of eight. He practiced it constantly and realized he wanted to be the best ventriloquist in the world. Read More ...

  1. In 2003, Dunham had his first solo show on Comedy Central Presents. He was able to get more airtime and his first movie was aired. It drew two million views. Dunham suddenly found himself performing to crowds in the thousands. He was a hit internationally and many of his specials were dubbed in different languages. He was popular throughout the Middle East and East Asia. Dunham even had his first comedy show which was called The Jeff Dunham Show.

    Biggest Comedy Shows

    As far as comedy goes, Dunham is one of the most successful performers of all time. He performs to thousands of people at once. Forbes ranked him as the third highest paid comedian in the United States. His Spark for Insanity tour had 386 shows worldwide and many of them sold out. In fact, that tour entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the most tickets sold on a comedy tour ever.

    Tickets Before Sell Out

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    Laughing Too Much

    Dunham has many different character puppets and people love the diversity of his characters. Some of his famous puppets are Walter, José Jalapeño on a Stick and Peanut. Many of his characters are rude and make fun of just about anyone. However, these puppets are all engaging and Dunham does a great job in giving them a life of their own. People do not see his puppets as puppets, but as characters to engage and love.

    There is a reason why Dunham is such a successful performer. He adapts his act depending on his audience. He believes different places laugh at different jokes so his act is always fresh and attentive to you. The first time he had to perform to a larger audience, he realized that the back had a hard time keeping up with his jokes as they were a small delay to when they would hear his jokes. He adapted his comedy to make sure everyone in the room could enjoy it.

    The Great Ventriloquist

    If you want to have a night full of laughter, make sure you get seats to see Dunham. He has worked hard his entire career and he is the most successful ventriloquist of our current era. You do not want to miss such a sparkling performance. His tickets are basically guaranteed to make your stomach hurt from laughter.


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