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Kevin Hart is an American comedian, actor, and producer. The Philadelphia native, born July 6th, 1979, began his stand up career at an amateur night in a Philadelphia club. He went on to compete in several regional comedy competitions across New England. It was rough going for Hart at first, who was booed off stage several times. A piece of chicken, a projectile hurled from the crowd, once hit Hart as well. As Hart dug into his personal experiences — his childhood with an alcoholic and convicted father, his marriage, and fatherhood — and made them the core of his comedy, the reaction to his performances improved dramatically.Read More ...

  1. In 2009 Hart began a string of comedy tours, the first being titled I’m a Grown Little Man. There is an entire performance from this tour available on YouTube. A large portion of Hart’s following developed through the release of his material on this platform, especially internationally. The maintenance of the What The Fit YouTube channel provides Hart with a presence on the platform to this day.

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    Kevin Hart is one of the most successful touring stand-up comedians in history. Tours such as the 2011 Laugh at My Pain tour, have grossed over $15 million for Hart. Hart’s comedy revolves around events that have stood out to him in day to day life. One standard trope of Hart’s is to mock his own short stature. He constantly makes jokes about how the other witnesses to the story he is referencing must perceive him as little. Another theme immediately prevalent in I’m A Grown Little Man, which has been viewed over five million times on Youtube alone, is a physical confrontation. Hart jokes about how he wants to fight his kids when they misbehave, then claims he is no fighter since he has seen some traumatizing knockouts in his time.

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    Only a handful of comedians are at the level of being able to sell out arenas, Kevin Hart is one. Other famous comedians who are admitted fans of Kevin Hart, like Joe Rogan, typically perform in theater-size venues. Hart has performed at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, and filmed his 2015 special for the What Now? Tour in front of 53,000 people at Lincoln Financial Field in his hometown. Now is the time to purchase tickets if you are interested in seeing Hart live on stage. Visit SeatRetriever, where you will find tickets to see all your favorite comedians and musicians, including Kevin Hart.

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    During 2018 Kevin Hart accepted the opportunity to host the 82nd Academy Awards. Then, after being accused of being a homophobe based on the evidence of seven-year-old tweets, Hart relinquished his role as host. Following a day of holding out against demands to apologize to the LGBTQ community, Hart acquiesced to these demands the next day. Ellen Degeneres petitioned the academy to allow Hart to host is he changed his mind, but ultimately Hart decided he did not wish to do so.

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