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Beetlejuice – The Musical 2020

Beetlejuice is the new Broadway musical based on the 1988 Tim Burton film of the same name. For anyone unfamiliar with the wacky, creepy character of Beetlejuice, buckle your seatbelts, because you’re in for a ride!

It’s the story of a couple doomed to haunt the new residents of their home and the mischief-bound spirit, Beetlejuice, who joins them on their quest to reclaim their home but then quickly becomes more than they can handle.

For fans of director Tim Burton, this musical is a dream come true. From the set to costumes to the irreverent script, this performance is a spooky, alluring treat for the senses. Tones of Read More ...

  1. How to Buy Tickets to Beetlejuice

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    Critical Acclaim

    Critics are loving the show. They applaud that the show “wields inventive stagecraft” and that “the puppetry and makeup are seamlessly effective” (Metro Weekly). Many reference the slapstick and crude humor, dividing themselves between critics who appreciate it and those who think it represents a lack of fine-tuning. Either way, young teens will get a kick out of the often raunchy zingers.

    Beetlejuice in Pop Culture

    Beetlejuice the 1988 movie was not only the 10th-highest grossing movie of 1988, but it created a cult following and larger group of devoted fans than almost any other movie of the late 80’s. It was only director Tim Burton’s second movie and the one that launched him into fame and allowed him to create the dozens of other beloved films that he’s produced since.

    Lydia, the angsty teen of the story who dresses in black and has a pessimistic attitude and an interest in the afterlife has been linked to the popularization of the goth movement in young people.

    The zany character of Beetlejuice led into an animated series on Fox that ran for two years as well as the creation of Beetlejuice themed video games and toys. Beetlejuice even crossed over into other media and showed in up programs such as Teen Titans Go!. Chances are good that if you lived through the nineties, you saw a lot of Beetlejuice, so why not reacquaint yourself with him on Broadway?

    Seating Recommendations

    Beetlejuice performances take place in the historic Winter Garden Theater – known for its beautiful interior and for having a bit more legroom than an average Broadway venue!

    If money is no object for this outing, the best seats available are in the Center Orchestra section, Rows C-K. However, if you want the best seats for the best value, consider the Center Orchestra section in Rows L-P. If you have particularly long legs, you might look into Row A in the Orchestra, Row A in the Mezzanine or any aisle seats, as they have the most space to stretch out.

    The Beetlejuice Experience

    Join the living and the dead, the reluctant and the enthusiastic inhabitants of a haunted house who share harrowing and hilarious encounter in Beetlejuice on Broadway. Get your stripey suit out, because this is going to be a trip to the theater to remember!



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