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Madison Square Garden 2022

Madison Square Garden is located in the heart of West Manhattan. It is one of entertainment and sports’ biggest stages, and anyone who’s anyone plays there. The permanent home of both basketball’s New York Knicks and hockey’s New York Rangers, from fall to spring, the Garden is alive with sports. Even so, every season brings its fair share of star-studded performances. From Elton John to The Who to Beyonce and Jay-Z, Madison Square Garden is a landmark venue for any performer.Read More ...

  1. Where To Sit

    For Sporting Events: As with any ticket purchase, where to sit boils down to budget vs. want. Everyone wants to sit courtside and yell at the players with Spike Lee, but few people get that opportunity. Let’s be more realistic.

    If you’re ready to spend some big bucks and impress your company, sections 4, 5, 6, and 10 put you almost on the court opposite the player benches. If you want to be close to the action, it doesn’t get any better.

    For a great view of the action with a substantially cheaper price tag, look to seats in sections 106-108. Keep your budget in mind at this point. The lower you go in the bowl, the more expensive you’ll find the tickets. For the true basketball fan that just wants to watch the game, this is the best bet.

    Family outings are have always been an integral part of sports, so if you’re ready to bring the family, Madison Square Garden set aside sections 206-210. These mezzanine seats have easy access without giving up too much of the game experience.

    Sometimes, you want to go to the game, but the only focus is the price. That’s fine too! Madison Square Garden is a unique experience, and you can find inexpensive tickets when you look in the right places and search the right times. We recommend the first row in the upper deck. The seats provide extra legroom and a great view of the scoreboard, so you don’t miss any of the action.

    For Concerts: Almost everyone agrees that the best place to enjoy a concert is on the floor right in front of the stage. If being on the floor is not your cup of tea, you can find a head-on view of the stage from sections 1, 2, 3, and up into the other levels like sections 101-103. Just like with the sports seats, keep your budget in mind when looking at the head-on tickets.

    In Madison Square Garden, the best options for a mix of price and views of the stage are sections 107 and 117. You get a blend of good proximity to the stage, great sound quality, and of course, much easier access in and out of your seats.

    Pushing further back to sections 304-307, you’ll find some of the cheapest tickets without sacrificing the great views. If the price is your biggest concern, we suggest starting there and working your way around the upper deck to find the seats you want.

    What To Expect When You Arrive

    Security and Bag Policy: Madison Square Garden suggests not bringing a bag if possible. The security measures are constantly being updated, and you can expect a rigorous security check before you enter the arena. Plan for long lines, and try to travel as lightly as possible.

    Parking: As with anywhere else in Manhattan, parking is hard to find and can be very expensive. Madison Square Garden partnered up with Parkwhiz to allow guests to reserve parking spots, but these spots can be costly and scarce. For that reason, we recommend a taxi or rideshare, or Penn Station is conveniently right across the street so that the subway may be your best choice.

    Madison Square Garden Experience

    The Garden is one of the legendary venues in the entire world. Located in the heart of Manhattan, it’s easy to find food, travel, and lodging close by, so you’re taken care of before, during, and after the show. Don’t miss out on your chance to live the experience too.

    We recommend taking the ten-minute walk down to Friedman’s for a modern take on American Fare, and if you want to extend your stay, the Pennsylvania Hotel is almost directly across the street from the arena and you’ll find great rates for such a hot spot. Our best suggestion is to take your time, browse around, and find something fun for your whole party.


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